Much of the content on this site is the result of many years of frustration. Frustration first at not being able to find quality resources, and then at losing them again once I’d uncovered the few gems I didn’t want to forget.

So you’ll find lists of bookmarks and links straight from my browsing history, and if I can cajole a few of my writer friends to provide them, from theirs too. You’ll find reviews and write ups of a range of products, good and bad, because sadly in the self-publishing world there are as many shysters, con men, and scoundrels you need to know to avoid like the plague as there are great resources you simply have to learn about. And you’ll find interviews with other indie authors who have gone the self-publish/print-on-demand or small publishing house route. Hopefully, you’ll also find a few guest posts here before too long.

If you’re an indie author with a book in print and you want to share your stories, I want to hear from you. Whether you have a nightmare self-publishing story, or a tale of POD success, take a few minutes to get in contact with me and help other indie authors out. Yes, I’ll let you do the shameless plug (but not in the comments on blog posts unless specifically invited in the post – those kinds of drive by pluggings will be deleted and never reach the site) and I’ll happily swap guest posts, tweets or other promotional ideas, as long as they are in the best interests of the site’s readers.

What you won’t find is endless adverts for self-publishing deals that rip you off. Although you will find links to other sites, and some of those may be affiliate links (I have to make the site pay, after all) and I may include Google ads or other advertising network placements, I will block sites I know to be scams.

If you follow an advertising link on this site that you feel leads to a product or service that rips indie authors off, let me know. I’ll look into it, and if I agree, I will block the advertiser from the site.

If you have a product or service that’s high quality and relevant to indie authors, and you are prepared to make a very special offer for my readers, get in touch. We indie authors need all the preferential treatment we can get ;)

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