The Indie Author Guide Companion Notes Day 6

Write, Publish, Promote: The Indie Author Guide

On Day 5 you focused on the characters that are important to your book, whether that’s fiction or nonfiction. Today you’re going to think about locations.


Go through each of the actions you have inserted in your outline and think about where they take place. Describe each location in some detail the first time you use it, and make note of any changes in subsequent appearances.

If your locations are outdoors, think about the weather, and note this too. (Does it echo the character’s experience or contrast with it?)

Think about which locations are important to which characters, and how changes in them can be used to move the story forward.

Read this article from The Guardian about location in fiction

Non Fiction

If you’re working on a non-fiction book, at this stage your homework is really just more of the same. Keep filling in the blanks, sourcing quotes and asking experts. Remember to build your bibliography as you go, and save yourself a major headache later.

In fact, if you’re working on a non-fiction book, you can safely ignore the next few days of these Companion Notes, as they are aimed at fiction writers. Re-join us at day 9 with a completed outline, ready to start writing your first draft.

Before you go, though, read this article about how to evaluate the credibility of a source. Make sure you are quoting from trusted sources, and verify the information you pass on.

Tomorrow, the fiction writers among you will be thinking about the “What” of the “Who, What, Why, Where, When and How” of your story. For the rest of today, though, just focus on the where.

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