Interview with G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) by James Gordon

Greatest Peot Alive a.k.a. James Gordon

Continuing in the lighthearted vein of last week, today’s guest post, an interview with G.P.A. (Greatest poet Alive) comes to us courtesy of James Gordon. James is the featured author in one of the Facebook Groups I’m part of this week, so I asked him to share some of his tips for other writers. One of the biggest things I’ve taken away from talking to James this week is the need to believe in yourself as a writer, something he does in abundance. 

G.P.A. isn’t just an author, though, he’s a performer. He’s a self-promoter who entertains. Every conversation with him is like an interview. His social media feeds are entertaining, and he’s not shy about sharing his passions, doubts, fears and successes, all without being overbearing. 

So don’t just read this post. Take a few minutes to connect with James, and learn from him. Then sit down and do your own author interview. If you do, I’d love to see and share it right here. Just remember to include something that might help other authors on their journey. 

6 September 2014 at 00:22

Hello All. I have the unique opportunity to interview a tremendous individual. This gentleman is the combination of talents that has never been seen before. He goes by the moniker G.P.A. which stands for Greatest Poet Alive. Let’s see what substance this Author, Poet, Actor, Host, and Storyteller has to share with us.

James Gordon: G.P.A. , peace Brother. Thank you for the opportunity to sit and speak with you today.

G.P.A.: Thank you James. It is pleasure to talk with you as well. WOOO!!! Let’s go!!!

JG: I’d like to congratulate you on your recent award from Readers Favorite for your book Revenge of the Orgasm. That is a huge achievement.

G.P.A.: Thank you Sir. I was blown away!! You have to understand that this wasn’t an African American award given to ROTO and myself. This was an renowned award. And to go a step further, Revenge of the Orgasm is an “erotic” book of Poetry. But the readers chose the book they found enjoyable. And there we are.

JG:(chuckles) Alrighty then. Congrats again, Brother. What does a new author, an author of Poetry need to do to be as successful as you.

G.P.A.: Appreciate the compliment, but there’s still a ways to go. Authors, especially of Poetry, have to push their work. No one respects the lackadaisical or lethargic. Poetry by some is regarded as a “dead art” or not viable or some other nonsense. But Poetry is a part of everything. There is no other genre that allows the conveyance of so many emotions at one time. But to answer you question directly, authors of whatever genre need to be relentless in their appreciation of their own work, and this will bring readers towards you. Also, be as many places as feasibly possible. That was a tad ambiguous, but what I mean is to find blogs, radio shows, and events that enhance your visibility as an author.

J.G.: Great points. I’m sure there are some authors that will benefit from that info.

G.P.A.: I certainly hope so.

J.G.: for the sake of time, I’m going to rapid fire some questions at you. Cool?

G.P.A.: Cool!!!

J.G.: Favorite place to be

G.P.A.: Home

J.G.: Favorite food? Favorite superhero? Favorite body part on a woman? Favorite sports team?

G.P.A.: Pizza,chicken wings(damn stereotype), french fries, and a Porterhouse steak. Love a woman with a great backside. Da Bears!!!

J.G.: What does it mean when you say you’re “The Most Electrifying Man in Poetry” and “The Most Dangerous Man in Storytelling”?

G.P.A.: I’m a HUGE wrestling fan. The most popular wrestlers all had some additional name. The Rock had “The Most Electrifying Man in Sports Entertainment”. Stone Cold Steve Austin had “The Rattlesnake”. What I figured was that if I could gather hype around me, that would bring more people that wanted to read my work. The one for storytelling is just because storytelling in my city is exclusive. Reminds me of Revenge of the Nerds where the Alpha Betas had all of the power. I believe it is similar because you have to bully your way in, unless you know or are related to someone; otherwise, you are made to jump through a lot of hoops. But I got this!!!

J.G.: Sounds like you do. What is next for the Award Winning Author and Poet?

G.P.A.: First of all, thank you for taking the time to speak with me. Truly an honor. September 21st, I will be the featured performer at the 57th Street Children’s Book Fair, then later that night, I’m one of the featured performers at A Night of Passion, an Erotic Poetry Showcase. The following week I, along with Kottyn Campbell, at the Milwaukee Book Fest on September 27th. And the next weekend, I am one of the featured authors at Cavalcade of Authors. I will be the featured performer there as well.

J.G.: Sounds like you mean what you say when you state “constant grind”.

G.P.A.: Have to go get it. December 1st, Everlasting Love, Literal Sex, and Multiple Orgasms. WOOO!!!

J.G.: Well, G.P.A., you are living up to the name and mantra. Keep up the great work, and thank you again for joining me.

G.P.A.: no doubt

(Hours later, G.P.A. contacted me and stated he wanted to add something to our interview. This occurred at 3:30am Central Standard Time.)

J.G.: G.P.A., at this early hour, what’s on your mind?

G.P.A.: People say things are about facts and numbers. This morning I discovered that “Hi, My Name is Bobo” is sixth on the Poetry charts on Amazon. Notice i said “Poetry” and not African American Poetry. And you know who the authors are surrounding me are? They are Chaucer, Shakespeare, and Poe. If that doesn’t give you some clarity of the work my books have done and I have done, then the perspective is way off. But I have a lot more in me. Go GPA Go!!! Thank you James for continuing to speak with me at this late hour.

J.G.: You’re welcome Brother.

Greatest Peot Alive a.k.a. James Gordon
Greatest Poet Alive, a.k.a. James Gordon

G.P.A.(Greatest Poet Alive) aka James Gordon is the author of five books including the Readers Favorite Poetry Book of the Year for Love an Romance for Revenge of the Orgasm and the DJ Gatsby Children’s Book of the Year for Hi, My Name is Bobo.

G.P.A. is a master storyteller having performed in several venues across the city of Chicago in a short span of time. He has also dabbled in acting with movie credits(Animals and Persian Version) as well as tv shows(Sirens, Shameless, Chicago Fire, Chicago PD, and Mind Games)

He can be found at and on Twitter at gr8estpoetalive

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