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Rave reviews for Decomtamination "A fun,'light' thriller; it put me in mind of The Thirty Nine Steps" - Wendy Unsworth "Captured me from the the first. If you love the crime/suspense/thriller genre you will love this book." - Deb Novak Some good thrilling scenes pick up the pace in this book making it hard to put down. Highly recommended. - Austin Action packed technothriller that hits the ground running and doesn't stop All obituaries writer Matt Kasey wants out of life is a few dead people, and a couple of buds to nurse his pride in the evening. But when one of those bodies belongs to a brutally murdered wildlife conservation student, and the police investigation seems to be going in the wrong direction, Matt finds himself drawn to the case. As the death toll mounts, and the victims come ever closer to home, Matt is convinced he's stumbled onto a massive conspiracy, and before long he's up to his neck in the action. On the run with his friends dropping faster than the endangered wildlife, with an annoying reporter in tow, Matt has to get to the conspirators before they get to him if he's going to survive. Are you ready for a roller-coaster read? Unbound Underground describes Decontamination as "a solid example of what light crime thrillers can offer, being thoughtful and engrossing, and also amusing and occasionally comical." M. Anne-Marie says, "My heart leapt into my throat right away and I was fairly literally on the edge of my seat. Like the really excellent thrillers, this novel contains those unexpected twists, sudden revelations, and taut details that make the reader shout for more." 92% of readers liked this book or would recommend it.

About the Author

Gail works as a freelance writer, editor, ghostwriter, and writing coach.She writes fiction in the snatches of time between assignments. Before she took the plunge and committed to making a living writing, she ran a florist shop, worked as a Direct Sales distributor for several home based catalogue companies, as a prison librarian, and in a hire center. Gail lives and works on a boat with her partner, on the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation canal.

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