Map of the Thorpe Marsh area with places described in Decontamination

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When I published Decontamination, the first Matt Kasey novel, I hummed and hawed about including a map in the book. In the end, most of the people I asked whether they felt it needed one, whether they knew the area or not, said no, they didn’t think so.

Since publication, though, a few people have told me they would have liked the map. So here it is.


There is no Villa Gardens where I placed it, nor is there a B&B where I described one. The fishing pond there is not actually called Willow Garth. The slurry ponds are real, put they have been reclaimed and the slurry tips around them landscaped. The Nature Reserve is real, as is Thorpe Marsh Power Station, although it is long since abandoned and all buildings except the cooling towers have long been pulled down.